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This has not happened yet. I am not a coach or a psychologist. I will not tell you that you have to love yourself and everything will work out. The mind is important, but I bet on CONCRETES. In my courses you will find specific activities and a lot of interesting, interesting knowledge, so that you can feel better in your own skin, gain self-confidence – both in being a mother and a woman.

Secrets of femininity according to Asian women

Premiere: April 2022

For many centuries, Asian women have been recognized as masters of the art of love, and the stories about sultans, concubines, khans, geishas and kama-sutras affect the imaginations of not only men. In fact, for hundreds of years, Asian culture has made it possible for young girls to increase the position of their family by entering into the favors of the rulers.

From generation to generation, women pass on some secrets and ways to take care of their beauty, mentality and sophistication.

I will not tell you what beauty you are supposed to be, but you will find with me your undiscovered layers of femininity, in whatever aspect you need to discover it. I invite.

Mongolian puerperium – rebirth of a woman

Premiere: July 2022

According to the Mongolian tradition, the birth of a child, especially the puerperium, is the most important moment in a woman’s life. It is not only about the psyche, but mainly about the physical sphere. This is such an important moment that if properly cared for, vitality can be increased. And if neglected, health can deteriorate and will affect it for the rest of your life.

My mother is a gynecologist, and from an early age she made me aware of the essence of puerperium, also using her example.

After two births, I can confidently say that the tradition of many thousand people makes sense of existence, and I could not sit with my arms folded when the Western world downplays such an important aspect of femininity.

How can you earn money with me?

Life Responsible – take care of your (not only) financial health

Life Responsible is a dynamically developing team that promotes a healthy lifestyle, prophylaxis and proper care of your body and mind.

We operate all over Poland – from the sea to the mountains and there are more and more of us. We also operate abroad. We constantly train ourselves at regular seminars, but also at regular webinars.

We become experts in the field of disease prevention and maintaining health and good condition. We also have extensive experience in the metamorphosis of the figure and a great looking complexion.

We create and work on proprietary programs and ready-made tools that give great results for our clients. By promoting our programs and joining our team in the LR organization, we earn additional income, our own cars and, as a result, financial freedom.

Expeditions to Mongolia – get paid for your travels

Mongolia is an extremely interesting travel destination. For many years closed from the world, how mystical, but also unique. One of the last truly nomadic countries where time passes completely differently . On the other hand, a country with a great history and beautiful traditions, where the family and other people still play the most important role.

It is also a cradle for enthusiasts of travel, adventure, globetrotters and archaeologists. A country of horses, motorcycles, Land cruiser and giant freshwater fish that the natives do not bother to look at. Country of Buddhism, reindeer, throat singing, THE HU and beautiful women. Country of steppes, Gobi desert, eternal blue skies, (my beloved ones) giant stars and endless true freedom.

If you want to experience all this, and you do not have enough financial resources, all you need to do is get the right team and get a discount from each person . It may happen that you will go for free, what’s more, you can even earn without going on an expedition . You decide, you win.


TPD – helping children in Mongolia

Our main mission is to help and support Mongolian children living in their native country.

We pay special attention to children suffering from poverty, the problem of alcoholism and domestic violence, as well as to orphans. We strive to level their chances, inspire and spark their dreams so that they can shape their future in the future.

We send packages with clothes, tools and toys. We donate money for specific purposes, such as renovation of the playground, we support specific and proven charities in Mongolia. We invite children to our colonies and to visit Poland, supporting cultural exchange and tolerance.

You can help us by donating your 1% tax:

• KRS: 0000134684
• specific objective “Mongolia”.

Or directly support us financially in achieving the goals:

• bank account: 59 1240 6175 1111 0010 5159 6498
• entity: TPD Group of Friends of Mongolian Children
• name of the bank: Bank PeKaO SA

More information about the activity and status can be found on our fanpage:

You can also join us and become our volunteer!

Contact us:

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