Sain uu / Hello,

My name is Uyanga. I am a Mongolian living in Poland.

I was a corpo manager, now I combine several businesses with voluntary work.

I am an INDEPENDENT mother of two, and most of all a FULFILLED woman.

I invite you to my FEMININE WORLD and encourage you to DISCOVER YOUR BEAUTY , take care of your INDEPENDENCE and create your own EMPIRE .

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Business and charity

As an inspiration, I provide links to my businesses. See if you can get value for yourself 🙂

Why is volunteering necessary? Because deep down we all need to feel necessary and as said Mahatma Gandhi:“The best way to find yourself is to get lost in serving others”.

Mother’s Queendom

“I am a mother, but first of all a woman”

On my blog, I motivate and deal with the following topics:

conscious parenting, single parenting, being a business mum, women’s independence, discovering beauty & femininity of women.

By the way, I present my Mongolia and it’s beautiful land and culture 😉

If you also create your Empire, use any hashtags:

#MothersQueendom #MothersEmpire

My mission

Strengthening the position of women in the field of business and corporation

Education and inspiration in independent motherhood

Support and motivation in women’s businesses

Self-discoveringand making dreams come true.

Awareness of mental and physical health

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In very soon…

Digital courses:

I promise that it will be of gigantic quality and something that has never been seen in Europe before .

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