About me

I am a Mongolian who has been living in Poland for over 20 years. I value my Asian identity and a European mentality . I greatly appreciate self-awareness, spirituality, entrepreneurship, independence and respect for the weak and poor.

I love creating, getting to know more and sharing knowledge. I like constructive feedback and give it to people who can do sth with it. I am not moved by hate and jealousy.

I am a highly intuitive person and constantly learn how to make a use of it. I think know my life mission and I move towards it.

Spheres of my life


For several years I have been an independent mother of two children. Being a mom is by far my most important role. There is no specific way to raise children, and I was looking for in many guides, books and educational methods. I am still trying and getting to know. Unfortunately, not everyone has exemplary patterns from the family home, but I think that everyone can try to be an even better version of their parents.

I’m learning about ADHD and ODD, and I know I have tremendous powers, though it might seem the other way around.



I love my Mongolia and I miss it always. Its endless landscape, the smell of wild herbs, the ever-sunny sky by day, the quilt of stars at night, beyond Ulan-Bator, the wildness of nature and life as it was several hundred centuries ago still captivate me. I always come back like after a decent catharsis (google who doesn’t know ) and with reflection on the littleness of humanity.

Mongolia is a completely different direction on the map of Asia. We have always been nomads and warriors. You don’t go to Mongolia on a trip, because what’s the best is adventure and nature. That is why I, a native Mongolian, organize Expeditions to Mongolia and show them around the most beautiful and little-visited regions of Mongolia.



I am a mother, but most of all a woman. Whatever I would do in my life, I am characterized by my gender: appearance, voice, clothes. I am a feminist and I do not believe in gender battles. MothersQueendom is a tribute to the rarely used word “queen” to refer to mothers and women.

From 14 ż. I am a model and participated in several Miss elections since the age of 7. with. I know the secrets of Asian femininity and I know that I can help many women in any way they need to feel feminine, confident and seductive. Sign up for a DigitalcCourse on Femininity .

“I am a mother, but most of all a woman.”


Business and independence

For over 10 years I have been climbing the career ladder in international corporations. As a manager, I did “big” businesses and felt appreciated. However, before I was “chained in golden chains”, I managed to break free.

I currently run several businesses (links here ), including a thriving network marketing business where I support my team in earning and earning extra money. I also help my brother with the restaurant business and earn commission income from several other sources.

I have always focused on financial independence. It kept me from being scared when my marriage was falling apart. There is an entry on the blog: “How to become an independent woman on many levels?” 🙂

Zdrowie-health - uyanga-mothersqueendom

Health and well-being

I strongly believe that everything starts with health. My mother is a doctor and I grew up in the spirit of traditional Eastern medicine, in which all ailments have their source and any healing process begins with it.

Homeostasis, cells, intestines, detoxification and deacidification as well as micronutrients in metabolism have also become my horses since I met LR and I organize training in this field (photo with drinking aloe gel).


Korean care

I had never been able to make up, and growing up in the era of makeup bloggers, my different beauty did not fit in with Western tutorials. That is why I focused on caring from the very beginning. It turned out that all of Asia also went in this direction. And Korea is the leader, ahead of the world by 50 years.

After a few years of purchasing on my own, I decided to open an e-shop with Korean cosmetics. It has been in operation for several years, and I run workshops and webinars on skin care.

I benefit greatly from the Korean beauty philosophy , but I no longer only use Korean cosmetics. In recent years, great Western brands have emerged that fully match Korean. You can download the free e-book “The Basics of Korean Skin Care” .

“All ailments have their origins.”


Taekwondo and sports

I have been fond of martial arts since childhood, and I liked taekwondo the most – Korean self-defense art based on traditional karate and modern quantum physics. It is impossible to mention all the benefits associated with training, because in addition to the usual intense sport, we learn the philosophy of life, ethics, respect for others and steadfast spirit. Besides, I am convinced that every woman should be able to defend herself

I also love the dance that has accompanied me since I was a child. To keep my body in good shape, I train with Chodakowska in front of TV, I study yoga and pilates. I liked running and I check myself in street runs from time to time.


Mindfulness and self-development

I got to know mindfulness while looking for a way to calm down and focus for my children. It has turned out that there is much more good to mindfulness, and it is a great introduction to meditation. I thought meditation was difficult and inaccessible, yet the practice benefits of being consciously “here and now.” I remember the sentence: ” We spend our time doing nothing, and yet we gain a few hours a day.”

I am a fan of guides and books on personal development. I don’t put them all into practice right away, but I like to know and work on myself as much as I can. On my blog you will find books that I recommend.


Volunteering and gratitude

An important element of a conscious and happy life is gratitude and help to others. I am grateful to all the situations and people I have encountered, because it is all about me, my mind and my experiences.

I grew up in a “better country” and didn’t have to experience atrocities, violence and extreme poverty. And I feel obliged to bring back a smile to at least one child whose only drawback was that he was born “there”.

I am convinced that good always comes back, and by helping life it gains value and taste. If you want to support our organization or become our volunteer. Write here .

An important element of a conscious and happy life is gratitude and helping others .”

Participation in the “Jak Siostry” program for TVN Style

In October 2021, the first episode of the program “Jak Siostry” was broadcast by TVN Style. I had the honor of telling Kaya from @Globstory about my Mongolia, about the differences between Mongolians and Polish women, about how I feel in Poland as a foreigner and many more. Lots of people say the program was too short (23 min);)

If you have access to player.pl (you can buy it), the link to the program is here .

Below are the teasers from the program:

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